Muay Thai T-shirts

Muay Thai T-shirts

Muay Thai T-shirts DeathBlo

The Deathblo team have about 12 years of  collective Muay Thai training experience.

At various times we have all decided that we need a training t-shirt.

A quick trawl on the internet will bring up the usual Thai brands, which to be fair are super credible.They often come out of those Gym/Brands that you will all know if you are a Nak Muay with more than 6 months experience but the problem is that these super credible brands are just not making very cool designs. Sorry super credibles but it's true.

Muay Thai is a beautifully complex fighting system that is not for the faint hearted. Your first few sessions in the gym will probably leave you with mixed feelings.

You got punched in the face, you didn't like it, you got a shin across your ribs, you didn't like it, you saw the advanced guys throwing elbows, that looks dangerous.You didn't like the look of that.

Many give up at this stage, the discomfort of fighting both emotional and physical is foreign to your average 21st century couch surfer.

Some of you, however, will recognise the challenge that Muay Thai offers you.

Some of you will love it, precisely because it stretched your emotional envelope and you felt it in your bones and your soft tissue for days after.

You will love it because you see the beauty in the chaos that is fighting.

You will see the beauty and you will feel the beauty when that magical moment occurs in your sparring or your fighting where time slows down, where your movements feel unforced and when your strike lands home.

These are the people that DeathBlo knows have a warrior spirit.

These are the people that DeathBlo wants.

These are the people that will not let you down.

This is what our Muay Thai T-shirts are about.

Muay thai T-shirts that recognise the destructive beauty of the most effective fighting system in the world.

It is no accident that you have found this blog.

You were searching.

You found us.

We get you.

Keep training Nak Muay.

One day you will be dead,where there is no whiskey and no Muay Thai.






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  • I love the idea. Very good concept and range of designs! Well done and keep it up 🙂


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