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Who is Damien Trainor?

Damien Trainer | DeathBlo Muay Thai t shirts

If you are a casual Nakmuay then you probably have not heard about him.

You need to be the type of Nakmuay who loves technique and who appreciates that some fighters have a fight style that you like, while others just look like they are throwing punches and kicks.

Both can be effective but some make it look beautiful.

Damien Trainor, to the DeathBlo Collective, is one of those fighters who moves beautifully and executes a precise combination based Muay Thai.

He ain't much to look at though.

If you like your fighters to have tattoos and swagger, then Trainor is not your man.

If you walked past him in the street and if you even noticed him, you might think he works in Tescos or was an accountant. Don't be fooled because you have just walked past a legend of the UK Muay Thai fight scene and a lion of a man.

At a time when barely anyone in England knew that Muay Thai existed, he was travelling to the land of smiles and beating hardened Thai champions in their own back yard. Stunning them with a style that The DeathBo Collective think is a combination of traditional Thai and the more aggressive Dutch style, with its fluid 4 strike combos.

You can argue this is you want.

His balance is perfect and if you watch his fights in slow motion you can see the twisted grimace of a malevolent dispatcher of violence as he launches his favored left counter hook into the stunned face of his opponent.

If you don't know who Damien Trainor is, you need to begin your studies in earnest.

If you like throwing more than 2 strike combos, if you want to look good doing it, and if you want a deeper understanding of Muay Thai in general then check out his blog and youtube his fights and practice his combos.

Each year the Queen gives out awards to some deserving citizens of the UK for their contributions to humanity or for the advancement of UK global influence. MBE's, OBE's etc....

She is sleeping on Damien Trainor.

Wake up baby.......back in the day, we would give land and titles to warriors who ventured far and wide to conquer in far flung corners.

We are pretty sure Damien would be happy with the Duke of Solihull.

The world is slowly waking up and Damien is now in some demand, doing seminars in Dubai and in the States, mixing it up with big names like Ross and Belanos.

We love our UK fighters and we seem to punch way above our weight with legends like Trainor. We are only a tiny island and yet our reach and our warrior DNA is still pushing into foreign lands and beating their champions.

Be proud UK.

The DeathBlo Collective.


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