Who is Jake Lee?

Who is Jake Lee?

I don't think a day goes by when I might bitch and moan about something.

It could be that it's raining or I am tired and can't be bothered to go to the gym or some other inane bullshit first world problem....feeling sorry for myself.

Then once in a while, I see a meme, a witty phrase that tells me to to shut the fuck up, get my grind on and quit complaining...It spurs me on a little, but then I see something out of this world which makes me slightly teary eyed and humble and grateful beyond words.

I saw that thing recently...I saw Jake Lee Peacock

Jake has one arm and fights muay thai and wins...in style.

I am always impressed by paraplegics, the blind taking on running and various other transendentally courageous activities that say 'fuck you' to that so called disability.. but there is something extraordinarily special about a man who steps into a ring with able bodied and dangerous fighters just to test himself and prove that he can compete in a deadly contest where he is at a distinct disadvantage.

The odds are against him from the start.

I am ashamed to say that I lack the courage of this man and if there was ever a story that epitomises the human fighting spirt at its very very best, Jake's story is it.

WBC Canadian Welterweight Champion since July 22

Find him on Insta.....@jake_leestriking

Nuff said.

Video by the cool dudes at Fight Record

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