Kevin Ross, a Muay Thai Punk (in the UK sense, not the U.S sense)

Kevin Ross, a Muay Thai Punk (in the UK sense, not the U.S sense)

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If you have any idea what a 'Punk' is, in the UK/European sense, you will know that it represents an image of chaos bottled with irreverence and mixed with visceral naked violence that is sinewy and raw.

It spits on the floor and wipes its nose on the back of its forearm after it knocks you out and chugs down some whiskey.

It is nihilistic and self destructive and it launches into the unknown where death might be possible but who gives a fuck!

This is sort of how we see Kevin Ross.

It is a shame that he is an American. He should belong to us, he should be British.

If you study Ross, you will see that he executes a precise and calculated Muay Thai that presses forward slowly, methodically with chin down.

His defensive guard is stiff an strong and his face is passive and unflinching whilst executing a malevolent strike designed to draw blood or inflict blunt force trauma.

His recent loss in Rome is a weirdness that one can only describe as 'out of character'. He looked tired and he looked elsewhere and the loss is a good example of how the chaos of fighting can throw you a curve ball that no amount of skill and preparation can account for. Getting 'clipped' can happen to the very best.

It happened in Rome.

If you study the post fight footage, you will see that what is also great about Ross is the 'love' that he gives to his opponents. In a weird polarity that certainly isn't 'punk', he admires his opponents and he understands that there is no Kevin Ross without the guy brave enough to test himself against the sinewy punk.

His existence requires that someone tough enough to face him also exists.A universal balance.

Kevin Ross is chilling out somewhere on the east coast of America right now, going over each second of the fight and beating himself up over what he didn't do right and what he should have done.The loss stings a bit.

But Kevin Ross is a Punk with a spiritual and growth mindset, which is a confusing opposite for the nihilist.

He is the 'new punk' that loves the war,the chaos, the hurt that fighting provides but who has fused spirituality with nihilism, just pulling back from the brink, just in time.The dichotomy of Ross is the very same dichotomy that exists in all humans who want to fight.

We want the damage, because the damage promotes growth.

It is the growth that feels good.

You cannot have the good without first having the bad.

You must have the damage to have the repair that growth requires.

It is simple brain chemistry.

Pain and then dopamine.

Stress and then release.

'Anger is an energy' (John Lydon 1986)

The DeathBlo Collective.

Read his awesome book....Dancing with Saenchai, you can get it on Amazon.






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