Black/White/Gold HAMMER Muay Thai glove.

Black/White/Gold HAMMER Muay Thai glove.

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The HAMMER is no ordinary glove.

100% cow hide leather.

This colour spec of the famous Hammer glove exudes luxury and glamour.

Primarily a bag and pads glove..It incorporates a number of features that make it the premier bag and pads glove in the Muay Thai market under 100 bucks. It has a padded fist profile that is slightly firmer than a pure sparring glove on the 12 oz and 14 oz sizes and this ensures you get that snappy feedback that punchers love when cracking the pads and the bag.

The Hammer is designed for the puncher and the clincher with a solid defensive acuity built in with the flexible but solid wrist guard on the back of the fist.

This wrist guard also incorporates a clinch ridge for the fingers of your opposite hand to get a solid purchase to be able to crank on the clinch when needed.Mesh palm to help sweat evaporation

This model has a velcro adjuster.

If you have not worn a glove like this before it will feel strange to start with and you will need to 'work' and 'flex' the guard a bit to get it loose enough for you to bend your wrist a little. Like a brand new pair of boots, they need wearing in a little bit for you to get to love them. 

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