Black Death Clincher glove (ready for October 2020)

Black Death Clincher glove (ready for October 2020)

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100% leather exterior...The BLACK DEATH is dropping for October 2020 but we are taking pre-sales now.

In the 14th century a bubonic plague ravaged Europe, Asia and parts of Africa and dispatched with ruthless efficiency anyone who stood in its way...just like our,glove which we have named after it.

It is designed for the 'clincher' in mind with a thumb position which is moved fractionally back.

The wrist strap is solid and provides all the fit adjustments you need but it is small and flexible enough to provide you with a wide range of wrist movement often needed in the clinch.

Slightly extended finger reach so you can clamp more easily on your other hand when it is clinched behind your opponents neck.

The back fist and main parts are made from matt finished high quality leather and the palm is high gloss so you can wipe the sweat off easy.

Small skull and crossbones is embroidered white.

Will be available in 12, 14 and 16 oz.


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