DeathBlo Fleece hoody for muay thai/ nak mauy
Fleecy 'warm as toast' hoody |Thai boxer Essential | DeathBlo

Fleecy 'warm as toast' hoody |Thai boxer Essential | DeathBlo

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Winter is a cruel mistress who loves to smack your bum with an icy chill. Protect yourself with this silky snug faux sheep-fleece hoody that will hug you and love you more than your own mum. Keeps you warmer than the fires of hell and instantly adds 6 points to your sex appeal because it makes you look 'cuddly'.
85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester but don't be fooled, our clever garment engineers have made this feel totes natural.
It's a bit expensive, we know that, so jog on of you are a pauper or save up for a's worth it.
Embroidered logo on shoulder and nape of neck and the usual red tag on sleeve cuff and red pull tag with logo.
muay thai fitted hoody by DeathBlo.Size chart
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