The RICO TIGER sparring glove | DeathBlo

The RICO TIGER sparring glove | DeathBlo

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Rico Franco is the current Bare Knuckle boxing champion who has come from a Muay Thai background.

We worked closely with Rico to produce a glove that offered, as close as possible, the tight closed fist that is easy to make bare knuckle but is so hard to make in many gloves by some of the premium brands.

You may have noticed that after some training sessions that your forearms ache for no apparent reason, this is because you are straining to make a fist and the tension is creating unecessary load and fatigue in your forearms.

The Rico is designed with a curved thumb and curved ergonomic index finger covering that helps to create a correct fist closure. This makes sparring a pleasure with 3 layers of variable composite padding in the fist, a long gauntlett cuff for comfort and stability and protection from high kicks.

Available in 14 and 16 oz.

100 % matt


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