Who are the fighting Farrells? A lesson in relationship goals.

Who are the fighting Farrells? A lesson in relationship goals.


DeathBlo is not often jealous.

We are Nakmuay like you, us guys don't get jealous. Right?

We are too busy eating nails and crapping thunder. Yeah Boiii.

Alas, tis not true.

You see, we have those 21st century relationship goals like all those instagram posts describe and we just sniff at contemptuously.

We want what the Farrells have got. The Romeo and Juliet, the Bonnie and Clyde, the Mickey and Mallory of Muay Thai. We want true love too...

Their story is a romantic adventure of 'fook it all' let's stop dressing like corporate schmucks from an Australian suburb, and let's sell it all and be fighters.The courage to pull the cord and freefall into a world of pain and discipline and extreme highs and awful lows and a 'hand to mouth' existence that a fighter more often than not has to endure, is courage that many of us dream of and will never make happen.

 If you have not seen the Fighting Farrells, they are easy enough to find on social media along with their fight stats and career history, but let me paint a picture and let's see if it is an accurate one when you compare what you are about to go and find when you go looking for them.

Eddie stands over 6ft tall and has that bony face often seen on fighters. The brow is heavier than normal, no doubt having grown defensively thicker from hundreds of practice sparring strikes from opponents, his frame is long and lean and covered in Sak Yant tattoos and the odd early mistake before he found his style. His teeth are perfect for a fighter, his eyes are deep set and dangerous when he is not smiling, and he has a look which you wouldn't describe has handsome but you would describe as symmetrically compelling...an 'X' factor of sorts.

Brooke is a supermodel little elf/pixie who will kick your face off if she doesn't scrape it off with an elbow first.She has small beautiful features that are a cross between Kylie Minogue and Juliette Lewis.A recently shaven head makes her even more beautiful and augments her fighter look.She probably shaved it because of the heat and the hassle of taking care of it.......total commitment to her art.

But there is more to the Farrells than a compelling look and a romantic back storey.

Both of them can really fight.

In 2 days time, both will be tested as they compete for WMC title fights in Hong Kong, representing Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket. 

If you manage to watch the fights, you will see Eddie fight like a long and dangerous praying mantis with his head forward and low. He has the range on nearly all of his opponents but he likes to fight dirty and close and he wants to cut you open with those nasty elbows, Lethwei style.

You will see Brooke with her perfect Muay Thai form. Like a dancer that is self aware of the details of her physical manifestation on earth and knows that her performance must be beautiful as well as deadly. One is no good without the other for Brooke, her hand must be there, her foot must be turned, her chin must be tucked.....no ugly movements.

If you follow the Farrells, you cannot help but be inspired.

If you follow the Farrells you will see the blueprint for your life. You just need to transpose the fighting for whatever is the dream that you hold dear but where the courage is failing you. You also need to find that soul that wants to travel the same journey.

 DeathBlo is looking for its Mallory.....

DeathBlo want the Farrells to wear it's Muay Thai t shirts.

The DeathBlo Collective.

Muay Thai T-shirts DeathBlo


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  • Cool article DB! The Farrells are definitely “goals”. Also, I just wanted to let you know. Your search is over. I’m your Mallory :)

    A fan

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