Who is Eddie Abasolo?

Who is Eddie Abasolo?

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It is always surprising when you talk to UK Nakmuay about American Muay Thai fighters and they haven't got a clue who you are talking about.

Everyone knows the Buakaws and the Saenchais and these are truly excellent and exciting fighters but why is the UK sleeping on US fighters and why are we sleeping on Silky Smooth Eddie Abasolo?

It's all a mystery that DeathBlo wants to set straight, and we have to admit that even we are late to the party.

Here comes your introduction and a brief rundown of Eddies story, of a shitty start in life turned by strength of character and a healthy addiction to Muay Thai into a disciplined and inspiring fighter.

Vallejo California has its nice places and its crappy places like everywhere. Home for some of the worlds most active fault lines and the hunting ground for the Zodiac killer, it must have made for an 'edge of your seat' existence, an atmosphere of low grade doom and the potential for a short life span.This is where Edddie was grown.

No wonder then that a young Eddie, having come from a homeless and troubled existence to start with decided it was better to be 'off his face' and eating the worst kind of food to blow up to 225lbs, than to dream of any kind of future. Life had sort of programmed him to fail......fail until he discovered that he could swap negative addiction tendencies for positive ones and that he could retrain his mind and create the Eddie that was living instead of dying.

If you begin your studies on youtube the earliest fight you are going to find was uploaded 3 years and shows Eddie fighting at MTG 7 with platinum spikey hair against John Pryor, a stocky older opponent with a tough chin and a brawler style. The early rounds do not show you anything of what Eddie is to become but after round three with Pryor getting more tired and more respectful of Eddies clinch strength, you see Eddie change gear, crack a smile and go to work.It is no easy fight for Eddie but the win is convincing enough and it belongs to Eddie.

Fast forward a few middleweight title fights and a 7-1 professional record at that time and you can see the evolution of Eddie into the 'Silky Smooth' he is now known as.

A totally convincing dismantlement of PJ Sweda at Lion Fights event early in 2017 sees a relaxed and upright Eddie get past the feeling out stage quickly to deliver slapping and punishing leg kicks in the middle and late parts of round one mixed in with uncharacteristic boxing style head movement from Eddie that you don't often see in Muay Thai.

Round 2 is a steady walk-down on Sweda and tactical retreats from Eddie to draw Sweda onto a spinning elbow. Both guys trade respect at the end of the round with a smile and a glove tap.The pace picks up in round 3 but it is Eddie stringing the combos together and being the relaxed aggressor, hands a little too low at times but good head movement making up the deficit in blocking defence.Some vicious elbows are traded at the end of the round but Eddie finishes with a powerful sweep/throw right on the bell that is a perfect exclamation mark.Round 4 sees Eddie mess and play with Swedas guard until he sees the opening to throw a cutting elbow that needs to be checked by the doctor before he steps back into Eddie with 2 spinning elbows that land but just get met with an appreciative smile from Eddie....but Eddie is now wise and leans back and evades and dodges most of Swedas tired but tenacious attacks. By the end of round 4 the crowd and Eddie know its a win already and apart from being knocked out, Eddie just needs to coast and have fun with the last round.

Round 5 starts with Sweda looking the hurt and broken man. Eddie pours on some fast hand combos and pins his opponent to the ropes while he goes to town and looks for the stoppage by savaging Swedas mid section.Sweda is tired and hurt but throws some last ditch spinning elbows before he gets caught with an uppercut that puts him out of the fight.........a beautiful win against a tough and experienced fighter.

 All fighters have a characteristic. The trained eye can spot it, it is not just kicks and punches, it is the movement, the timing, the fight IQ and the unconscious body language of a fighter that the real fight fan appreciates.

Eddie fights like he is just walking to your door to deliver a cake. There is never a look of concern on his face, there is no doubt in his eyes, there is just calm and watchful execution.



But who is Eddie out of the ring? His team mates will testify to him being the glue that holds the team together. The CSA team of Ross and Bolanos to name a few.

DeathBlo knows what it takes to be that team linchpin and it is not what you think.

If you are THAT guy, you need to be all about love.

You can see this in Eddie and if you are ever lucky enough to talk to him you will hear it.He is thoughtful, mindful and above all.... loving and respectful.

What you give, you get.....

The future is Eddies.....don't take your eyes off him....watch out for those spinning elbows.

Checkout the Pinto fight on youtube right now......

The DeathBlo Collective.



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