Who is Gaston Bolanos?

Who is Gaston Bolanos?

Gaston Bolanos | DeathBlo Muay Thai t shirts

Peru doesn't really play that much on the world stage of exports and ...and.... anything really.

We honestly cannot think of single thing that we own or we might buy that comes out of Peru.

We feel bad that we are so ignorant and no doubt Google will tell us it exports copper and zinc and...stuff, but basically, we know fook all about Peru.

Paddington bear, I think came out of a jungle somewhere on Peruvian soil.

Anyway, it seems like they have found their product.

Spinning back elbows and handsome violence, but you can't buy it in the supermarket.

Have you ever had a spinning back elbow in the face while sparring? Can you remember the feeling?......That's it, you were embarrassed, slightly impressed and then wanted to do one straight back but you are such a f*ckwit that you can't twist your torso quick enough, let alone time it while your opponent is throwing violence your way.

Let us eloborate and explain.

Gaston Bolanos.

The latest and most important export to come out of Peru looks like a suave gangster crossed with a 1940's movie star who can elbow you so hard in the face just as you throw your power right hand that you instantly goooo toooo sleeep.

It is a beautiful counter strike so perfectly timed to catch to you at your most vulnerable....while you think you are throwing your best shot.Your power right hand or your best stiff jab.

We really want to give the credit to Peru but we need to be real....maybe.

Kirian Fitzgibbons, the head coach at CSA gym (Dublin California) may be the architect of the renaissance of this destructive manoeuvre, or it may have just evolved through hours of sparring with Eddie Absolo and Kevin Ross where male competitive ego is jostling for that tricky/silky strike that you need to beat such high level sparring partners.You can see Eddie throwing it some years ago in Muay Thai grand prix events before the indelible memory of Bellator 189 when Gaston landed it so perfectly and changed the game of MMA and Muay Thai forever.....or for now........because fighting is always evolving and moves go in and out of fashion.

What do we, know? Only those guys will know who had the great idea to drill it in the CSA gym until it became that stunning surprise you could not defend or stay awake from.

For now, we are happy to give the credit to the dispenser of handsome violence, Gaston Bolanos from Peru.

Thank you Peru for growing such perfect warriors.

Gracias Perú, por los codos viciosos que giran y la violencia hermosa.

Please wear our Muay Thai T shirts Gaston Bolanos you handsome motherfooker.

The DeathBlo Collective.






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