Appreciating life is all about being able to notice and appreciate the detail. At first you don’t notice it. You may be overwhelmed by the moment, the experience is too new so you miss them but gradually, as you spend time engaged in an activity you start to hear the music, you feel yourself synced. This is how we feel about Muay Thai. If you listen, you too will fall in love with the slap of leather on a pad or a bag, you will know when you felt your body move correctly and you will realise that it’s the small details you have learned to love. You will hear the music. If you are surrounded by a good team you will also notice that your bond with these other Nakmuay gets stronger as you trade punches while sparring and swap sweat in the clinch.You or your team mates will undoubtedly end up in the ring competing against another Nakmuay from another gym. You will appreciate the courage it took to get there and the hours of training to develop and hone your skills.... and whether it is win or lose, you will feel some love for that team mate..... and you will realise that you do all this...the training..the discomfort..the aches and the pains.. all for fight for love.

The DeathBlo Collective 

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