DeathBlo is constantly looking for creative ways to promote Muay Thai as the lifestyle martial arts choice for the viscerally motivated individual.

There is a darkness to the fighting soul that DeathBlo reflects and this theme is evident in the DeathBlo brand. 

If you want to be part of the creative direction of DeathBlo we have a number of open FREELANCE positions available.

All we ask is that you train Muay Thai so you understand the complexity and artistry and you have insane creative skills.  


We are always looking for talented creatives to work on a freelance basis designing artwork for t-shirts and hoodies.

If you think you can get in the DeathBlo groove and design visceral Muay Thai based artwork then send us an email with some examples of your work and maybe some sketches to show what your DeathBlo ideas are and we may be able to put you on our freelancer role call and pay per design. 


We love using Muay Thai and reportage style photography in our social media and are always looking for photographers to help us with content.

If you are in Thailand or planning a trip and if you know what 'reportage' is then we may be interested in talking to you.


We currently shoot and produce all of our video content for adverts and website 'in house'. We are always interested in hearing from bright and innovative film creatives who have an idea, a means to execute it and provide a finished product to help us push Muay Thai and the DeathBlo brand in the correct way.

If you have an idea and a way to deliver it then we want to hear from you.


If you have experience designing boxing gloves and shin pads then we want to hear from you. We have 'in-house' designers but freelancers are welcome to submit ideas for consideration and receive remuneration if we put them into production. Email us for more info if interested.


We like the 'bad boy/bad girl' look.

If you scare old ladies just by looking at them or notice that milk curdles when you open the fridge, if you eat concertina wire and drink napalm for breakfast then you might be what we are looking for.

You must be an active fighter or have a recent record and at least 15k social media followers.

In return we will send you a load of free kit and possibly look to help sponsor you through a fight camp or regular training if you are in Thailand.

In return we will need regular social media posts and good photographic and video content in the style that fits the DeathBlo brand.

It's a win/win situation if you a the right fit for us as you will get exposure to all of our fans who will then follow you boost your social cred.

You can hit us up on Instagram by sending a message.



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